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Big things start with a lot of small things

Under the leadership of Nadira Fergmann and with the help of her neighbours in Rissen, a house was arranged in Wedel on April 28, 2022, in which 24 people from Ukraine found protection.

Furniture, toys, clothing, bedding, technical equipment, kitchen utensils – all of this was donated by people from different parts of Hamburg. And all of these things have made an enormous value overall because they are used where they are urgently needed.

On behalf of the UKRAINIAN FUTURE Aid Association, we would like to thank Dr. Pensing from the Rotary Club Hamburg-Havesterhude, who actively participated in our support campaign, and of course, all volunteers and donors!

This is one of the many relief campaigns for the accommodation of Ukrainians seeking protection that our association, UKRAINIAN FUTURE Aid Association, has initiated. Unfortunately, the real estate market in Hamburg and the surrounding area currently does not allow affordable accommodation for refugees. So people in need of housing have to rely heavily on aid organizations like ours. We are still grateful for donations in kind or financial contributions to our aid projects!
Dr. Eckert Brödermann, chairman of the UKRAINIAN FUTURE Aid Association, notes in a speech published on the Philipp J. Müller Investment Academy website that we have two special auditors on the board and an accounting team who ensure that every donation is recorded and will be used as intended. The costs for administrative purposes do not exist. In the same speech, Ganna Preine-Kosach, vice-president of the UKRAINIAN FUTURE Aid Association, once again emphasized the urgent need to provide accommodation for refugees and underlined the primary goal of our aid association: to bring order to the still confusing voluntary help and to make coordinated opportunities to help where it is needed. Every donation counts for us!

We can issue a donation receipt for your valuable commitment. If you would like to receive a donation receipt, a donation of up to EUR 300 is sufficient. For higher amounts, please enter your postal address for the purpose. You will receive an invoice for your donation.

Account holder: UKRAINIAN FUTURE Aid Association
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