Hilfeverein e.V.

by Dmytro Sylenko


Hearts open, an illustration by UKRAINIAN FUTURE

Who we are and what we do

UKRAINIAN FUTURE Hilfe-Verein e.V. is a young non-profit association from Hamburg. We help people in Germany affected by the Ukraine war and provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Our help in Germany means integration: We bring together those seeking protection, authorities, German citizens, companies, and aid organizations.

Our projects: A 35-strong psychological crisis team for those seeking protection, educational opportunities for Ukrainian children, legal advice for Ukrainians in Germany, an online platform with a wide range of help, and an integrated job exchange, especially for Ukrainians.

Our help in Ukraine: We are an official partner of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. We have set up supply chains through which we can manage and control the supply of relief supplies even to the smallest villages. With our know-how and our processes, we support all roof countries, including Austria and Switzerland.

Love is powerful, an illustration by UKRAINIAN FUTURE

Our vision

Our vision is sustainable international understanding and an open civil society in Ukraine. For years, attempts were made to bring democracy to Ukraine from outside. Now our women and children are experiencing this democracy in Germany. One day they will take the values of democracy home. In the meantime, a huge integration task has to be mastered – with opportunities for both sides. Integration and training of those seeking protection create a basis for the Ukrainian-European future after the war. At the same time, fast and successful integration reduces the financial burden on the German state during the time Ukrainians spend in Germany. Some Ukrainians will stay here for a longer period of time. Sustainable integration always has a positive effect on the shortage of skilled workers in Germany.


UKRAINIAN FUTURE Hilfeverein e.V. is a community of committed people with a common goal: We help people affected by the Ukrainian war in Germany and provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine.


Wir sind eine Gemeinschaft, die davon lebt, Ukrainer zu unterstützen, die eine neue Heimat aufbauen und ein neues Leben auf der Suche nach x und y beginnen.