by Dmytro Sylenko


Information center for refugees:

  • Authorities, health, and educational institutions
  • Companies, non-profit organizations, and private individuals
  • Social networks (accommodation and other support services)
  • Legal team (currently 100 volunteer lawyers)

Psychological Emergency Response Group:

  • Telephone and online support in Ukrainian
  • Professional help (currently 25 volunteer doctors…)

Education & Integration:

  • Job advertisements for refugees
  • Information on childcare & schooling (language courses, school lessons, German-Ukrainian courses…)

Active dialogue with journalists

Humanitarian aid:

  • Cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health
  • Donations and logistics

Since February 24, 2022, more than 4 million refugees have officially left Ukraine – estimates go far beyond this number.

Among them, children and the disabled make up 60%. Optimistic scenarios assume another 10 million refugees.

A majority of these people will seek protection in countries like Germany.

Germany will face significant health and education system challenges due to the high proportion of refugees facing combat stress and the high balance of non-English/German-speaking Ukrainians.
Germany will face additional financial burdens on top of the covid and energy crisis.

The UKRAINIAN FUTURE Aid Association will set up the necessary structures to provide the needed help and services.

The UKRAINIAN FUTURE Aid Association will support existing and future aid measures in Germany:

  • Information centers
  • Access to psychological support and legal advice
  • Social networks/job search platforms / educational opportunities
  • Humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The UKRAINIAN FUTURE Aid Association will facilitate the integration of Ukrainians to:

  • Companies
  • Non-profit associations
  • Private individuals

The UKRAINIAN FUTURE Aid Association is open to any natural or legal person who speaks German or English.

Donations are tax-deductible
Volunteers, students, trainees, and officially recognized non-governmental organizations are exempt from the obligation to contribute.

Donations: IBAN DE12 2005 0550 1502 3212 66