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Ukrainian Future and Water for Ukraine

Our association Ukrainian Future is actively working on solving the problem of drinking water in Ukraine. Read about why it is important for us in particular in the article.

Our work in the field of water supply began with a charity event we organized in Hamburg. In January we gathered more than a hundred people in one hall, among them – owners of family businesses in Germany, politicians, community activists, representatives of diplomatic services.

During the charity evening we held an auction and also received support from patrons of the arts. In total, about 180,000 euros were raised in one evening.

In the list of lots then were presented:

  • Boxing gloves, signed by the Klitschko brothers;
  • A bill of 1000 hryvnia, signed by the Head Commander of the ZSU General Zaluzhny;
  • Painting by artist Andriy Bludov.

Natalia Zimmerman

In addition to financial support, we were able to develop a number of personal contacts, which in the future helped us to attract even more financial resources. Thanks to the personal initiative of boxer Natalia Tsimerman, we received 25.000 euros before the Christmas holidays. The wish of one person changed the share of 10 thousand people!

In parallel with the financing of our projects, we worked on establishing contacts with local authorities and personally investigated the problem. Vice-President of Ukrainian Future Association Ganna Praine-Kosach together with the REUA Foundation Executive Director visited Mykolayiv region. There she had several meetings with people who were deprived of drinking water, as well as a meeting with the head of the Mykolayiv OVA, Vitaliy Kym.

Technische Lösung

Thus, for a quarter we managed not only to investigate the problem, make a contribution to its solution, but also to carry out a systematic work on the legalization of our activities.

And now, when all the bureaucratic steps have been taken and the first water purification stations are being prepared or already delivered to the site, we can look into the eyes of each of our friends and ask for your help.

Only your carelessness will make this project successful and can change the world for the better. Each of your donations, dissemination of this information, cooperation with us will find a response among thousands of Ukrainians, who, holding a glass of drinking water, will say “Thank you” to you.

We say "Thank you" to you right now.

We are fighting. We are working. We live.
For the future of Ukraine.


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